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We’ll Ride the Ferris Wheel in the Fog (A Wolf at the Door: Part IV: Part III?!)

So after the carousel and after the beach, we finally ended our evening on the ferris wheel,


The Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel is the only solar powered ferris wheel in the world! That’s its solar panel in the picture above.

By the time we were finished waiting in line, fog had engulfed the entire pier.  This led to a very surreal a beautiful ride, and of course, pictures.

DSCF6951 DSCF6948 DSCF6949 DSCF6950Here’s the thing about riding a ferris wheel in fog: Your only frame of reference are the lights from the buildings around you, which in our case was an amusement park. I love the fog, I love how it swallows and hides all but lights and in our setting the lights were all bright and candy colored and magical.  At the very top, the fog was so think, we could only see the lights dispersed into neon clouds.  It was all at once disorienting, frightening, exhilarating, breath taking, and beautiful.  That’s a lot of emotion to feel at once and I get positively giddy when it happens to me.  I’m not one for adrenaline rushes from roller coasters, but give me an existential stumbled into a foreign world adrenaline rush any day.


We left the ferris wheel and the pier, fog damp and hungry. By the time we got home, The Wolf had started composing a song, from which I stole the title of this post. We snuggled up and dozed off, knowing the next day would be The Wolf’s last day in town.


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2 thoughts on “We’ll Ride the Ferris Wheel in the Fog (A Wolf at the Door: Part IV: Part III?!)

  1. wolfgangprice on said:

    Such pretty pictures! That was such a wonderful surreal experience! I want to go again!!!

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