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The Dangers of Dress Lust: And a Giveaway By Shabby Apple and Fifties Darling

I have a vintage fashion confession to make: I love sailor dresses. And now that I live somewhere within a half hours drive from a beach, the urge to own one has gone from “Oh, someday, that would be sweet” to “That one! I want that one! Now!”. I’ve started calling this phase of obsession “Dress Lust”.

Dress Lust is not a good place to be in when searching for a vintage/vintage inspired pieces on a tips based budget. The “need it now” urge may give way to spending far too much money or ending up with a piece that’s “close enough”, both of which I will later regret.

For example, I found a sort-of sailor dress at a local vintage shop. It was knit, which I wasn’t overly fond of and looked a bit worn, so it went right back on the rack without even making a trip with me to the dressing room. And yet, several days later, I am still thinking about that dress and how I should have tried it on. My initial instinct of “this is not the dress you’re looking for” was correct, but the dreaded Dress Lust keeps trying to repaint the scene, making the dress look more appealing.

So what do I do? How do I keep the Dress Lust at bay?

1) Go and find pictures of what I am looking for.

All images found on pinterest.com

All images found on pinterest.com

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Thank Heavens for Pinterest. I found all of these images from old patterns on there.

2.) Assess what my perfect sailor dress actually looks like. Blue with white trim,  pencil skirt, button details.

Take THAT Dress Lust! The dress back at the store was an a-line, had no buttons, and no white trim!

 3) Find out that a favorite vintage fashion blog is hosting a giveaway with said dress as the prize.

….Wait, What?!


That’s right, Shabby Apple  an awesome site for vintage inspired clothing teamed up with Fifties Darling to do a sailor dress giveaway.  I’m already going to be blogging more about Shabby Apple when I make my entry for their design contest later this week, and Fifties Darling has been a great inspiration for my mission in daily vintage wear. The dress itself is so lovely, and since I’m going to a “vintage beach” themed wedding this summer…

4) Write up a blog in hopes of winning said Dress.

I know it’s a long shot, but it at least keeps the Dress Lust at bay. Well, that is until the contest winners are announced. By then I’ll have a better plan…I hope.


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