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Pioneertown and Mr. Keaton (Red Lipstick & Camping: Part II)

If you have not read Part I, you should go do that or you will be missing out on some very pretty pictures of our awesome campsite at Joshua Tree. All caught up now? Good.

Our second day in Joshua Tree, we had breakfast and coffee on one of the outcroppings of rock.  I am one of those strange people that doesn’t need coffee on work days but does feel the necessity for it on weekends and vacations. I use a Malida for camping coffee and it’s simply delicious.  I decided that morning that the smell of brewing coffee should remind me of sitting in the warm sun, breathing the clear morning air, and watching Gibby happily making cups of coffee.  And since I work in a coffee shop, I just get to happy all through my shift now. It’s the little things in life.

After breakfast, we headed to Pioneertown to beat the midday heat.

Where’s some tumbleweed when you need it?

Where’s some tumbleweed when you need it?

Pioneertown was built in 1946 by Hollywood investors wanting to create a “living” movie set. The exterior was built to resemble a 1870’s town, but inside were ice cream parlors, bowling alleys, and motels. More than 50 films and a handful of television shows were filmed there during the 40’s and 50’s.  Today, there are some neat little shops, a custom saddle maker, a pottery/jewelry maker and gunfights at high noon (okay, they actually happen at 2pm, but where’s the fun in that?) We had fun exploring the sets, walking heroically through the swinging doors and posing in the jail.

Once upon a time I spent three summers doing historical reenactment at Lake Tahoe and Virginia City in Nevada. My first summer, I played a “soiled dove” name Julia Bullette, so it was fitting to take a picture in front of the “Bath House”

I love that Puppy is looking off in the same direction as I am.

I love that Puppy is looking off in the same direction as I am.

After wandering, we had lunch at Pappy and Harriet’s, a great barbeque place filled with families, bikers, tourists, and featuring a bartendress with a beehive and blue eye shadow. My kinda place! Gibby chowed down on some ribs, I had a bleu cheese burger followed by a sarsaparilla.

We did one more tour around the town, then headed back to Joshua Tree, hitting some thrift stores along the way. I found a sweet little gingham blouse, a soft cotton western shirt, a floral pencil skirt, and a stunning 50’s velvet cloak, Gibby got himself a mint colored shirt to kick off his summer wardrobe and a lamp made from an old tin 7up can, Lemon found a fantastic 40’s fur wrap, and That Red Head Girl a great pair of dress shoes.

Remember that Buster Keaton photo I told you about?

Source unknown

Source unknown

It was taken during filming of his silent “Go West”, I wish I knew who the photographer was, but I have yet to find a name in spite of searching the internet. Gibby is a big Buster fan, as am I, so as soon as we knew we would be camping around these kind of trees, we knew we had to recreate this shot.

On our way back to camp we stopped by the side of a rode several times, Gibby in his Buster get-up and Lemon following close behind with her camera.

Lemon and Gibby getting the shot at the first location.

Lemon and Gibby getting the shot at the first location.

The Lemon/Gibby version:



I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this photo! A great homage to one of Gibby and mine’s shared passion of Buster Keaton films and the silent era.  Yet another work of art from this trip!

It was getting late in the day as we got back to the campsite and I had work the next day, so we packed up the Big Blue Box to head back into town. But, not before Lemon got one last shot of us with the Big Blue Box…

Me in my new gingham shirt, Gibby in his mint shirt, and Puppy snuggled between us.

Me in my new gingham shirt, Gibby in his mint shirt, and Puppy snuggled between us.

And thus, we drove out of Joshua Tree as the sun set, talking about how much fun we managed to cram into only a day and a half of camping. I can’t wait for our next camping trip! Bring on Summer of 2013, a summer full of adventure, I’m certain.


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3 thoughts on “Pioneertown and Mr. Keaton (Red Lipstick & Camping: Part II)

  1. wolfgangprice on said:

    Wow! Lauren’s photo turned out spectacularly of Gibby! And you guys look adorable with the van. And how cool was the bath house? Well done. Gold stars all around!

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