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Old New Glasses

Last July, I finally convinced Gibby to get glasses. Years of working behind a computer screen have wreaked havoc on his eyes. Signs were getting hard to read and he was getting headaches. Getting him to get the eye appointment wasn’t the difficult part.  It was the glasses. Gibby hated all the modern styles.  So we set out on the hunt for some vintage glasses. He wanted the old 1950’s dad styles glasses. As luck would have it, my mum found a mysterious paper grocery bag marked “Glasses” in my Grandmother’s apartment.  At first glance, it seemed to be just a bag of bad 1980’s old lady glasses and worse, neon colored cases.

And then we started finding the old cases. Very old.  Spectacles from the early 1900’s.  Cases with black and white photographs cut into an oval and pasted inside. Pince Nezs.  In a leather case we found Gibby’s new glasses.


Us reading some John Green in the airport a couple of weeks ago.

 They are from the 1930’s and we think they may have been my Great Uncle Les’.  Gibby got his own prescription put in and tries his best to remember to wear them when he’s working.  Of course now these style of frames are very popular, go figure.  Maybe we’ll get him a newer pair that he doesn’t have to worry about breaking eighty-year old frames on set.

In the same bag were a gorgeous pair of late 50’s early 60’s glasses. They were my Grandmother’s, my mum even remembers her wearing them. They were in this lovely little faded blue case and they fit my face shape and everything. So at my last eye appointment I got my optometrist to put in my new prescription and they finally arrived in the mail.Image

Mine all mine.  It’s amazing how having these now makes any outfit I wear that much more vintage.


I love that I can wear them with casual do-the-chores style clothes or my best little wiggle skirt and they don’t feel costume-y. They’re just my glasses, awesome glasses, but my glasses.  And already I’ve broken a few vintage loving hearts at work by saying they’re actual antiques and not an available online reproduction company. I’m a very lucky girl.


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3 thoughts on “Old New Glasses

  1. Aunt Eileen on said:

    They look fabulous on you, and Mom would be pleased that they found a new owner to love them. Since we must see our glasses daily as part of our faces, I agree they should be spectacular and make us smile!

  2. Caitlin on said:

    I want I want I want I want I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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