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Resurrecting A Lost Art Form and the L.W.A

Today I became a proper, official member of the Letter Writers Alliance.


My member card. You can be a member too!

I had received my membership card (and stationary!) earlier this week, but I didn’t feel I could call myself a true member until I wrote my first letter.  So, after some chores I opened up the blinds in my apartment, got cozy with a cup of tea and milk and started writing.  It’s been a while since I wrote a proper letter, so I used my notebook for the first draft.

(What? You say you don’t write drafts of your letters? Why ever not? How do you keep your stationary neat? You don’t have stationary? Oh, never mind!)

I usually write at least one draft to get my thoughts in order, the second draft to ensure that the flow is right, and the third draft on my computer for spell check. Gibby assures me that this process is sweet and thoughtful, not neurotic at all, thank you very much.

Once I was happy with the structure of my letter, I broke out my sadly neglected typewriter and got to work.


It’s a beautiful Smith & Corona (don’t know what year, I ought to research) that makes a lovely “ping!” when you reach the end of your line.  I’ve had a few writer roommates threaten to steal it, including the recipient of this particular letter, so I hope he appreciated me writing with it, typing errors and all.

The L.W.A. stationary is printed on beautiful, rose colored paper.  It was such a treat to write on and I was so excited to fold it up with some little treats (I always like to include some form of little gift in my correspondence) and seal it away in its dusty blue envelope. I’ll be posting it on my way to work tomorrow. I thought about sealing it with a little kiss, but that seemed a bit theatrical for an old friend. Maybe I’ll find a wax stamp with a kiss imprint. Same message of love, but a little more understated and platonic.  I’ve read Frida Kahlo used to sign all her letters, family, friends, and lovers alike with a scarlet kiss that she drew a circle around.  I’ve always liked that image.

It’s funny, as much as modern technology connects us and makes communication instant, it has yet to replace the sheer joy of letter writing for me.  It’s just so much more tangible to get a letter or a postcard in the mail, to hold it in your hands and know the person who wrote it once held the same page in their hands too.  There is so much more thought that goes into letter writing, and by translation, more love and care.  Maybe I’m just old fashioned, I am the one wearing my Grandmother’s glasses and writing letters on an old typewriter after all.  Still, I think it’s good for the heart to be sentimental, and what’s more sentimental than reinforcing old friendships with a bridge of words?


With Love, and in hopes of more letters to come,



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5 thoughts on “Resurrecting A Lost Art Form and the L.W.A

  1. Brian Ault on said:

    I think you can make a similar case for journaling as with letter writing. The serene simplicity of a pencil and a thick book filled with blank pages. Even with the uptick in my blog, I still feel that in spades. It’s also a nice way to test out my cursive too.

    P.S.: I love the dual logoed seal on the back of the envelope. They work both singularly and, I think, even combined if that could be done somehow.

  2. Tnt Ross on said:

    How exciting for you. You seem just the type of person to love something like this. What did you have to do to join the LWA? Is there some kind of crazy initiation or something? Wanna be pen pals with me? 🙂

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