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Six Months Later…and dreaded bikini shopping conquered

I mentioned in my last post that Gibby and I are now living in L.A.  Yesterday was six months to the day that we pulled up in the Big Blue Box and the moving van. What an adventure!  Gibby and I celebrated both of us having the day off (a rare occasion with Gibby’s filming schedules) by running a few errands to buy ourselves some little things we’ve been saving up for.  For me there was a pinup-esque bikini and for Gibby a video game and some picture mats for an art project.  Gibby snapped this photo of me outside of the local Target, you can just make out the Hollywood sign in the background  and it still catches me off guard. So do palm trees. Palm trees are just weird to me.

I’m wearing the dress I talked about in my first post https://lookmanocash.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/hello-world/ with my favorite light petticoat and a vintage belt my mum found for me.

I’m wearing the dress I talked about in my first post  with my favorite light petticoat and a vintage belt my mum found for me.

I guess you could say I’m still adjusting to culture shock.  Yesterday I was at American Apparel for the bikini bottoms and I heard cheering outside the door. Lo’ and behold across the street was a red carpet laid out for the Classic Film Festival lined with paparazzi and fans cheering for celebrities as they walked into Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Yup, just shopping for bikini bottoms on Hollywood Blvd. because that was the closest shop to where I live. I really don’t understand my life sometimes. Most times

Yes, I did just write that I bought the bikini bottoms at American Apparel. To explain: I usually hate swimsuit shopping, my last successful purchase was made six years ago.  Most bathing suits just don’t fit my body type. One pieces are usually too baggy around the waist, too tight on the top or worse, too small on the bottom which either produces wedgies or some very unflattering welts from the elastic.  Bikinis are much kinder, since most are now “mix and match” which means I can get the top in a large and the bottoms in a medium for a better fit. But even bikini styles have their problems.  String styles offer very little support and less coverage, bottoms tend to end just below the belly which is not flattering on my hips, not to mention that I like a little more mystery to what my rear end looks like on its own and let’s not even talk about the muffin top that happens there.

Thank god vintage is a “look’” right now. As soon as I saw my first pin-up girl style bikini on line I was sold.

I found all of these lovelies on http://www.modcloth.com/shop/swimwear

I found all of these lovelies on modcloth 

High waist, full coverage bottoms and halter/sweetheart neckline tops.

Even the one-pieces had adorable skirts or pleats and ruching at the waist to help with that bagginess.

But the prices for the reproductions just kept breaking my heart. $117 for a one-piece? $79 for just the bottoms? Cue the tissue and glass of wine to soothe my aching pocketbook.

But then I remembered the lemon print bikini bottoms my cousin found at American Apparel in the fall.  Rejoice! They have the nice high-waisted bottoms I’ve been looking for, but the tops are mostly string bikini.  Enter Target with their lovely halter tops and sweetheart neckline bandeaus but muffin-top inducing bikini bottoms.

Solution: Two stores, one fabulous bikini that cost me about $40 instead of the $60 at best for one part of the bikini.

Here’s what I ended up with:

The top:14447540_130306003000_265x265_pad

And a link to the bottoms

I can’t wait to wear it to a beach, we have a few of those here. Again, culture shock.


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