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Writer’s Terror

It’s difficult to return to this blog and not feel a failure.  I wrote my first post in December of 2011.  It is now mid April 2013.  So what happened?  What held me back?  There were certainly things worth mention, adventures worth documenting, discoveries worth noting, but what kept me from writing them?  Poor excuses mostly, no camera to take pictures of the outfits, “no time” to write posts, but the most honest answer is fear.  Fear of not writing something “interesting enough” led to not writing at all. It’s not writer’s block, it’s writer’s terror.

So why am I back?  What makes this return any less doomed to fall into the trap of self doubt that plagues and often cripples us all?  Me. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I don’t want to let amazing things in my life go undocumented. I want a record of who I am now and who I want to be and if I look back and cringe or laugh or sigh, so be it. At least it will be more substantial than the “what if” that glares at me when I look back at the changes my life has undergone that remain preserved in my head only.

Time to get serious. Time to grow. Time to take risks. Time to be brave.

Hi. I’m Lillie Red, and I’ve got some catching up to do.




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