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The First Lesson…

Tonight, it’s time to mend the stack of clothes that have been piling up in the corner. I have a collection of wonderful dresses that were my Grandmother’s. Most are from the fifties, made of a light cotton or muslin which makes them a treat to wear, if they are a bit fragile. Sometimes the seams give in the waist, or the hem, or the sleeves, but they’re pretty simple to repair.  My mum taught me to hand sew at a very young age, and it seems to serve me well for these types of repairs.

There’s a lovely sleeveless dress that buttons up from bottom hem to collar and is covered with tiny blue and yellow flowers.  The seam on the waist gave way a little while back and I finally got to it tonight.  When I turned the dress inside out to mend it, I saw dark thread held together the waist, white thread at the hem, and light blue at the collar. I smiled. This dress has been repaired many times, and not just by a neglectful granddaughter.  Most of my dresses were repaired and adjusted long before I owned them. It’s a nice feeling, being part of a tradition in mending ones own things.  These days, I suppose it’s called DIY, back then it was called necessity.  

So that’s the first lesson, I suppose. Mend.

This blog was really started because I’ve been wanting to dress more vintage lately. I have a little collection already, mostly from Grandma, whom I miss dearly, some nicked from Mum, and some from dear and far away friends. Tuesday I go platinum blonde, like Jayne Mansfield, from there, who knows. There must be a way to dress in the way I admire, withought breaking my non existant pocket book. So, there’s the challenge, just like blog subtittle reads: Life, The Arts, Fashion, and Food…on a budget.


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5 thoughts on “The First Lesson…

  1. First Comment! from your biggest fan.
    DIY runs in the family. Your grandma taught me how to mend at a very young age, starting with dolly clothes… and eternally hemming.

  2. wolfgangprice on said:

    Delightful! A brilliant place to begin. I’m excited to see what other thoughtful advice and observations you make as this blog grows! Huzzah!

  3. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro on said:

    Sounds like you found a treasure trove of vintage clothing.

  4. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague on said:

    Merry Christmas and thanks for following 🙂

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